Peter Harris

Peter Harris is an artist and film-maker whose interest in collaboration and performance began in the mid-nineties when he co-founded 'Uncle Grey Presents', a showcase for artists, performers and film-makers in London's East End. He has worked previously with musicians such as Siouxsie Sioux, the Stranglers and David Bowie, involving them in collaborative painting projects. Harris first began collaborating with Lee Perry on drawings and paintings in 2006 after interviewing Perry for Harris’s feature film ‘Higher Powers’.

Harris’s painting installation 'Hard Rain', inspired by Bob Dylan and The Clash, toured the country as part of the 'Air Guitar' art and music show, and was also shown - along with his London Mennonite Choir collaboration entitled 'Hymn' - at the National Film Theatre. Harris also wrote and directed the play ‘Sir Septimus Vein’s Carnival of Freak’, which was shown at the King's Head Theatre in Islington, London.

He is also a musician and plays in the bands Arthur Brick and Piper’s son, and is releasing his first solo album this year.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry in collaboration with British artist Peter Harris made some truly visionary artworks, based on Harris’s drawings around themes central to the ‘Higher Powers’ film such as; destiny, fate, luck and doubt. In an explosive collaboration between Artist and Musician, Perry lent his own visionary input to Harris’s graphic, accomplished pen and pencil drawings. The result is a series of one-off artworks produced in a similar way to the automatic drawings of the Surrealists, with a hint of Primitivism, the magic of Voodoo, and the spirit of urban graffiti Artists.


Peter Harris's collaboration with Lee Perry

Peter Harris Artwork