Not only was Lee Perry one of the first performance artists out of Jamaica, he produced, wrote, sang, and was one of the founding fathers of the Dub musical genre. I think of him as a Sound Shifter - a Sound Shaman who has created some of the most vibrant and mysterious soundscapes in popular music today.
I do believe  that the genius of Lee Perry's creativity stems from his ability to tap into and utilize his unique "stream of consciousness" process. A master who has allowed his music to flow continuously in uninhibited and uncontrived forms. His approach to music is guided by a playful and dedicated spirit which appears to allow him the freedom to be fearless in his never ending experiments in the sonic world. These two powerful tools permeate and drive his passion to be an innovator, a sound scientist, and most importantly a mystic.
Lee "Scratch" Perry is one of the great sound liberators of Jamaican popular music, and will always be a force to be dealt with. He continues to be a great inspiration to many artists working in different mediums. I am one of them.
In the past Lee Perry was an inspiration to all of us who participated in the production of the documentary film  Stepping Razor Red X and remains so to present day. While creating Hope Road Forty Five Revolutions per Minute -  he was always there.