Original title screen in the movie
"What is Your name, demon?"
Lee Perry wearing the original dreadlocks
Universal Shalom Generation
Lee Perry explains the secrets of the universe
Lee Perry wearing the original dreadlocks
Who the cap fits, let HIM wear it...
This is GOD cap
Black Ark moments: Time and time again
Black Ark Moments: The Real Pope
Black Ark Moments: The Shelter for the Black People
Black Ark Moments: Sangreal
Skull Cave Revelations
Ice is my throne!
The Time Minister who comes to punish all the Crime Ministers...
Living Art at any moment
Is (it) real?
De Devil Dead!
Scratch TV:Original Words, Sounds & Power
Scratch in Blue Space
God save the King!
Ready for the new Government?
Lee during the Orb recording sessions, creating a new man from a new generation out of clay...
Time is the Master...
Socks on the Rocks
Lee Perry during the shooting of Vision Of Paradise in London Fleet Street, chasing the Old Black Dragon
Lee's Wall Prt 1
Space Ships
Merlin and the worldwind
The holy trinity
Installation with Black Jesus
The half that has never been told...
Lee with the original dreadlocks
The Prophets rise again!
This could have been the movie's poster...
The City Of Westminster
Lee films the Black Jesus during the shooting of "Vision Of Paradise"
Lee in Fleet Street, London
"I am activity.com"
Who was first?
At the monastery
Westminster Bridge
At the monastery