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August 2016

"Ich habe einen Traum"-"I have a dream"

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...The packaging itself is superb with 24-pages of art, illustrations and text and bound like a book.



For those who think reggae became an irrelevant musical genre after the death Bob Marley, and weren’t willing to sample the work of his talented children and grandchildren, Volker Schaner’s head-bobbing documentary, Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision of Paradise, will come as a revelation...



Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision of Paradise is far from ordinary, but a fun, peculiar look at the godfather’s of Jamaican music. 

The Pier


… The feature-length film, which is packaged within a 24-page hardcover collector’s book, unveils the mysterious, mystical life of Perry and his ingenious musical mind.

Crack Magazine - Article/Review

Perhaps, somehow, you just know him as the eccentric, strangely dressed dub guy from your parents’ record collection, but Lee “Scratch” Perry has been recording for over 50 years and has had a more lasting impact on our approach to music than the vast majority of ‘living legends’. [...]


Crack Magazine paper article:

Blues & Soul- Review

THE mention of Lee Scratch Perry in a game of word association among knowledgeable music fans, would prompt a mixed reaction. “Genius.” “Reggae” “Dub.” Bonkers.” “Pioneer.” “Eccentric.” And so on  [...]

something_you_said - Review

If you have any interest in reggae/dub music, or even if you do not, this film is an amazing insight into a truly unique and original artist/poet who is unlikely to ever be paralleled. It really is a feast for the eyes and the mind.  [...]

die taz



Vision of Paradise schafft etwas Außerordentliches: er hält die Zeit an. Er hält in all seinen Splittern die geballte Zeit von 15 Jahren Arbeit zusammen und stoppt sie, friert sie ein. Das Ergebnis ist der fertige Film, den wir sehen. Mit ihm können wir kurz innehalten und uns dabei gleichzeitig mitreißen lassen vom ansteckenden Strom einer ständigen Neuerfindung und konstanten Überschreibung und Reformulierung der eigenen Persönlichkeit. Von einer Feier des kreativen Blödsinns hin zu religiösen Höhen und zurück. Welch glorioser Rausch.

Deutschlandradio Kultur


"Vision of Paradise” ist ein schräger Film über einen schrägen Musiker. Doch auch wenn die Kamera manchmal wackelt und die Schnitte nicht immer ganz sauber sind – unterhaltsam ist Volker Schaners Dokumentation jederzeit. "Ordnung braucht nur der Dumme, das Genie beherrscht das Chaos." – hat Albert Einstein mal gesagt. Wenn man diesen Film gesehen hat, ist man fast geneigt, es zu glauben. 

Süddeutsche Zeitung


Legenden dürfen verrückt sein...

Q Magazine - Column

Created over a 15 years by director Volker Schaner, and filmed between Jamaica, Ethiopia, Switzerland and London, the spiritual and geographical journey is currently been shown across the UK at special screenings ahead of its release on 8 April on DVD and on demand video. In a guest column for Q, Schaner explains how the film came about.  [...]

The Guardian - Interview

Perry’s 1960s and 70s studio innovations were decades ahead of their time, and the godfather of dub’s incalculable influence is still reverberating through genres from hip-hop to grime to dubstep. But with the man chalking up his 80th birthday, there is only one place to start the conversation.  [...]

NME - Article

After spending over 40 years in music, Perry can add kick starting Bob Marley's career, collaborations with the likes of Paul McCartney, The Clash and co producing The Beastie Boys' 'Hello Nasty' album to his long list of accomplishments.  [...]

thefix magazine - Review

Hailed as the “grandfather of modern dance music”, a “maverick, genius outsider” and “one of the most important people of 20th century music”, the sense of hagiographical terrain is abundantly clear in the earliest moments of Volker Schaner’s biography of Jamaican music producer and dub pioneer Lee “Scratch” Perry. [...]

Die Welt


...Der Großvater der Popmusik, wie wir sie kennen

Vive Le Rock - Article paper

Sabotage Times - Recommendation

It's that character which makes this film so entertaining. You come away with the impression that if success and fame hadn't found Lee 'Scratch' Perry, he wouldn't have lived his life any differently, and that to me is what makes a true artist.  [...] - Review

... this is a thoroughly enjoyable expansion of a man who is, in no uncertain terms, completely batshit crazy [...]

DJ MAG - Interview

... Over this month of his birthday, the shaman warrior is playing live across the country, accompanying screenings of the brilliant, sensitive Vision Of Paradise documentary by Volker Schaner [...]

Cinésthesia - Review

... Soon, we're also spying signs and signifiers everywhere we look: faces inscribed in rocks, connections in airplane vapour trails, demons in the shadows cast by the late-afternoon sun. You'd be shouting from the rooftops, too, if you were seeing this stuff 24/7. [...]

Colchester Gazette


rumoremag review

Jim Marshall - Review via Facebook

EVERY PERSON ON EARTH should probably see this entire film TWICE, minimum. EVERY politician and religious person should see it four times in a row, and if they don't get the point, they need to repeat until truly effective like any other medicine. [...]

Film Intel - Review

Lee 'Scratch' Perry is an enigma, wrapped in a massive amount of cannabis smoke, hidden inside a hat with CDs stuck to it and a boot with a picture of former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie in the sole (or should that be soul?)[...]

Roger Steffens Review

Here they see a book in the literal Heart of the Ark, an ancient flaking parchment that holds the Key to the Universe. How the filmmakers were able to penetrate that far, where countless others have failed, is astonishing to me. [...]


We spoke to Lee 'Scratch' Perry before the release of a new film on the artist that took 15 years to complete [...]

BILLBOARD Magazine - Review

The pioneering accomplishments of reggae's most eccentric producer-vocalist aren't just thoroughly documented in Lee "Scratch" Perry'Vision of Paradise -- they're reimagined as the actions of a superhero fighting evil with musical instruments of mass destruction. [...]

Konbini - Article

You don’t really interview Lee Scratch, he interviews you. We were lucky enough to sit down with the man himself after the screening of his new biopic documentary Vision Of Paradise, a cinematic journey that follows his life from Jamaica to Ethiopia and Switzerland. [...]

Channel 4 News - Interview

The "totally mad" godfather of dub reggae on vampires, magic mirrors and Bob Marley. [...]

CANDID Magazine - Review

Genius. Visionary. Legend. These words are often banded about and overused to the point of meaninglessness. This very entertaining documentary, which had its world premiere yesterday at the East End Film Festival, shines some much deserved light onto a unique and radical talent. [...]

Marcus Downbeat - Review

This is neither a movie nor a documentary in the traditional sense. Indeed who would expect anything concerning the enigmatic Mr Perry to be anything other than 'unusual'? [...]

Article by Christian Troberg (german)

 Hier sitzen wir also. Es ist der 4. Juli 2015, 19:00 Uhr in London. 15 Jahre hat es gedauert dieses Ziel zu erreichen: die Premiere des Films »Vision of Paradise« steht an. Regisseur/ Produzent Volker Schaner ist mit seiner Koproduzentin und seinem Team, zu dem ich mich dazuzählen darf, zugegen. Wir warten auf den Hauptdarsteller: Lee „Scratch“ Perry“, den genialen Schöpfer und Produzenten jamaikanischer Reggae und Dub-Musik. [...]

The Voice - Article

... not a biography but rather a fairytale documentary [...]


The Voice paper article:

MOJO - Article

HAVING SPENT THE last 15 years, off and on, filming its subject, new Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry film Vision Of Paradise is fairly exhaustive [...]


MOJO paper article:

Hunger TV - Review

Forget everything you thought you knew about Lee “Scratch” Perry, as Volker Schaner’s new docu-film Visions of Paradise, which is being premiered at London’s East End Film Festival this weekend, sheds a new light on the iconic reggae legend. [...]


Shocklee - news